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An Endorsement for C & E Fashions

Cheryl I love my shoes, they fit perfect! I fell in love with your shoes the first time I visited your site. I will be ordering again. Your shoes are of the highest quality and craftsmanship. I’ve not seen shoes on any other site comparable to yours. I was trying to post my testimonial on your site but couldn’t. I hope you will do it for me. Thanks again!

Leon Wooden


Thanks for having some of the best fashion shoes on the Web. I live in
Florida and I constantly get positive comments about my shoes. 
Because of C and E I have the latest styles at my disposal. You rock man!

Ronald Kimble
Altamonte Springs, Florida




This message is for Gideon my friend. I have in the past purchased several pairs of European shoes from this gentleman. He knows his stuff. I live in Conn next of course to New York. I have bought shoes out of the city all my life and I'm telling you that C&E Fashions has a REPUTATION all their own. Keep up the great work and continued Success.


Demetrious Parker
Hamden, Conneticut


An Endorsement for C&E Fashions

If there were a vote taken across America to rank the top five stores with the best footwear for men, I am absolutely convinced C&E Fashions would be among them.

Brother Maurice and his staff have set a standard of to provide million dollars shoes at affordable prices.

Bishop Gregory G.M Ingram
Tenth District AME Church, Presiding Prelate



Cheryl and Maurice,

Happy New Year! I was pleased to hear that you are updating your website this new year. Over the past year I have become very familiar with your website as I regularly shopped for the best shoes in my collection. As a competitive ballroom dancer, my shoes are the most important element of my appearance off the dance floor. Your offerings are dazzling. I truly enjoy the ease of access via internet and telephone. On more than one occasion you have provided such personal service that I felt like family. I hope that your new year is healthy and happy. Thank you again for your obvious passion for the highest quality of fashionable men’s shoes and accessories,

Bob Middleton
Chicago, Illinois



To Maurice and the C&E Family,

I would like to commend you all for the professionalism that I have experienced over the 10 years as a customer!

As for the shoes, I have always told anyone that will listen to me that there is not another place in Los Angeles that can match the quality and variety that C&E produces.


Mike Lynch
Coach Mike
Los Angeles, California



OK, I'll admit, I have a little shoe problem. In fact, it's enough to where I've considered checking in to the Betty Ford Clinic for help with the addiction!

That said, let's talk about "Red" and C & E Fashions in downtown Los Angeles. It's really simple: This guy, his family, and his company ... get it.

They redefine good taste, class and client care at all levels. Some may visit their store on Los Angeles Street and simply get lost in the amazing spread of choices readily available. Some may visit their web store, and browse for an hour, unsure of what best delivers their wants. But here is what differentiates C & E from others. Here is where "Luxury" plays. Luxury in product, more importantly, luxury in service. Maurice (a.k.a. "Red") and his personally trained staff, knowledgeable to fit and style, and always available to discuss how to wear what shoe, how to mix with your existing attire, and to guide you into an investment in your feet, your image and your confidence that delivers the envy of all lookers.

Let's face it, there's a reason for the old expression of "Always look at their shoes", during that critical first impression. This guy, this family and this company allow you to create just that...great impressions, wherever your feet take you!

Roger Zipkin
San Francisco, California



As an individual who was raised in a family that valued fashion, style and quality, it shouldn't be any surprise that I shop @ C and E shoes. For the last 25yrs I've been a customer @ C and E because they embody all the values that are important to me.

Whether needing shoes for business or play, the style and variety can't be matched. If I'm walking precincts while campaigning or the halls of the Capitol, chances are the shoes on my feet are from C/E. Not only are their shoes stylish, but comfortable as well. And the service can’t be beat. Owner Maurice and capable staff of Gideon and Ellie don't sell you shoes, the shoes sell themselves. They just educate you on the product and help you find shoes that best fit your needs. If you aren't shopping at C/E Shoes, then you are not looking your best and mistreating your feet. I have no doubt, that once you go, you'll be a customer for life. I am:)

Steven Bradford
California Legislator
51st Assembly District



My Man Mo

Never shopped better or been treated better.

Me and you Mo for as long as God

Let us be Brothers Forever

Steve Harvey

Actor and Entertainer